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For The Cannabis Community


Download The Green Life App, find your 420 friends and start Winning Rewards every time you engage and inspire others, share photos of your green lifestyle, or complete an educative lesson on cannabis!

The Green Life is a Revolutionary App, incorporating just about every exciting features you can dream off:

Voice Chat: Find your friends and start a one-on-one or group chat, using the voice chat.

Actions Dashboard: Inspire others with photos of your green lifestyle and share the actions you take every day to make more 420 friends and to help breaking the stigma around cannabis.

Green Map Locator: The easiest way to find the closest licensed dispensaries and doctors, cbd oil massage, 420-friendly hospitality or any other cannabis related locations wherever you are.

Education: Complete quick lessons to educate yourself on cannabis' benefits and warnings. Access to the most accurate reports and discover the history behind this controversial plant. 

Directory: Follow your favorite brands, discover new products, find 420-friendly events and more. You can access the latest videos, articles and news from the cannabis industry when exploring the channels menu.

Interests: Customize your own app experience at any moment, depending on your interest, the brands and strains you prefer,… and change it when your mood does.

Join the Green Life community and engage every day with awesome 420 Friends, Dispensaries, Brands, Doctors, Media, Research centers and Non-Profit associations sharing the same interests as you!

There are a plethora of apps that can direct you to the nearest dispensary or delivery service, but for The Green Life that is merely the smallest tip of the proverbial iceberg! In addition, there are educational and informative tutorials on a wide variety of cannabis related subjects....from the history, understanding the chemical makeup, scientific and medical research and applications as well as pending legal issues. But it doesn’t stop there - all of this is offered using a social platform that is easy to navigate and recognizes and connects people globally. One can follow various channels relating to art ,events, brands,420 friendly hotels, pet applications and many more. Plus there is the ability to reach out to the community through chats and ask others for their input on any topic... for instance help in locating a Vet who is knowledgeable about the use of CBD oil for dogs. Looking for a spa that uses CBD oils? The Green Life has that information!
To touch upon all this app offers would take several pages... suffice it to say, The Green Life is unique in the ease of use, recognition, fun and great information!
— Deborah M Ferguson, Financial Manager
There is a lot of noise, misinformation and up until now, no real hub for the cannabis industry. The Green Life APP fills that much needed void from both the consumer and the industry. The Green Life APP not only is a one stop application for everything cannabis, but also creates a community of likeminded people who can share experiences and interests, be a resource for answering questions. I give @thegreenlife APP 5 out of 5 Stars!
— Todd Hahn, Co-Founder The Madison 8 Agency