NeuCana™ Oral Spray 480mg

NeuCana Oral Spray uses the fastest and most effective absorption method (90%), as is listed in the Physician Desk Reference. This pocket-friendly cinnamon flavor Oral Spray is great for its therapeutic benefits. Our doctor recommended metered dosing method of non-psychoactive CBD medical cannabis delivers droplets from the atomizer. This water-soluble mist is less than 50 microns in diameter, which enables the best absorption when crossing into the bloodstream and nervous system.

NeuCana Whole Flower CBD Formulations improve your treatment plan by activating your endocannabinoid system, subsequently decreasing healing time, inflammation, and pain.

This medical device provides patients with a fresh breath of pain relief. Our “Start Low, Go Slow” option is great for individuals looking for better health, mental clarity, and a stronger immune system. Clinical trials have also shown that CBD is a great way to eliminate anxiety, lower seizures, and battle depression!

CBD Oral Spray: Recommended dosage 2-4 Sprays, 2-3 times a day.
Or as recommended by a doctor.

20:1 CBD


Companion Oral Spray for Pets

NeuCana Companion Products are patented, intra-oral sprays for the delivery of Whole Flower CBD (20:1 non-psychoactive) formula directly into the oral cavity. A 55 microliter spray delivers high concentrations of CBD directly onto the mouth's sensitive buccal mucosa tissue into the bloodstream.

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD

When undesired emotions stay with our pet for long periods of time, it may result in undesirable behavior. CBD is known to reduce anxiety caused by emotional stress; in both humans and our companions. Like humans, our pets have endo-cannabiniod systems also. NeuCana Companions Oral Spray 1 mg provides relief for pets suffering from anxiety, resulting in undesirable behavior.

Barking | Scratching | Aggression

Our companions deserve the best care. When our pets are faced with challenging ailments or conditions, we often resort to medications, neutering, bark collars, or punishment before identifying the cause. New research links holistic health products and services, to preventing the undesired behavior and side effects from medications.
NeuCana user-friendly Oral Spray uses a water-based solvent and extraction process. This product has been tested for purity and is made in an FDA approved lab,
providing a safe alternative for your pet.


CBD Vape Cartridge Kit

Get all of the benefits of our phytocannabinoid-rich oil in vape format with our easy-to-use CBD Vape Cartridge. Our vape cartridge contains fast-acting and highly bioavailable oil, accented by a light citrus flavor.

- 500mg of Pharmaceutical grade CBD Vape Cartridge

- Vape cartridge Battery

- Battery

FULL Spectrum CBD zero THC

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Cellulose CBD Face Mask

Swell CBD is excited to announce the release of one of the first and only CBD infused Cellulose Face mask on the market.

Advanced Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil Cellulose Face Mask System:


-Reduces Signs of Fatigue



-Promotes Hydration

-Fights Free Radicals

-Nourshing Properties

Zero 0.0% THC

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NeuCana Action Sports Salve 2oz. | 400 mg

Our NeuCana salve helps relieve aches and pains. Let your muscle tension melt away. Best used on head, neck, back, shoulders, knees, and feet after activities.

Recommended Use: Pain from Trauma, swelling from activities, stiffness in muscles

Organic Ingredients – 2 oz: Proprietary Blend- Shea Butter, Beeswax, Hempseed Oil, Arnica, May Chang, Lemongrass, 20:1 Whole Flower CBD (non-psychoactive)


Transdermal Patch 25mg CBD

Over 72 hours of anti-inflammatory relief! Leave the confusing pill schedules to the prescriptions. Our Cannabinoid Rich Transdermal Patch is perfect for those looking for all-day relief without the hassle. Don’t be fooled by its size, the patch delivers 1 to 2 mgs of juicy cannabinoids into your system every hour, for up to 48 hours (yes, seriously). You can jump right in the water and exercise immediately after applying it, and it’ll come right off when you’re ready, unlike that embarrassing tattoo you got in college.

Use and storage: The Transdermal Patch works best next to a vein. You can stick it on your inner arm, top of your foot, the front of the hips, or wherever is most comfortable. For best results, clean and dry the area thoroughly, peel back the clear top layer, and place on the skin. If you don’t plan on using it immediately, store in a cool, dry place.




Feel the shift to conscious wellness with organic hemp, the medicine plant. Heal your mind and body while savoring the flavor of earL grey & Tahitian Vanilla. Full enjoyment in 30-60 minutes.

Release your stress with BOL HEMP CBD.

20MG CBD per tea bag (12 count box)
Pure organic Hemp infused


CBD Dog Treats, 60 treats

Our Neurogan Full-Spectrum CBD Dog Treats now feature an improved recipe & new look! Introducing our tasty peanut butter treats formulated with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD per treat to help calm and soothe your furry-pal, naturally. With a simple vegan blend of human-grade ingredients and delicious taste, your four-legged companion will feel relaxed and blissfully calm.

Serving Size: 1 Treat (10mg of CBD)
Total Servings: 60 Treats (600mg of CBD)

Premium Full-Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Powder

Organic Oat Powder

Organic Apple Sauce

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Peanut Butter

Filtered Water

Hemp Oil

1 treat – Dogs under 25 lbs

2 treats – Dogs between 26-75 lbs

3 treats – Dogs over 76 lbs